Frequently Asked Questions

General Simulator Information

To consistently provide an on-time and optimal experience for all our guests, please note your time in the hitting bay will end 5 minutes before your reservation.

For example, a one-hour reservation at 10 am will conclude play at 10:55 am. A 2-hour reservation at 10 am will end at 11:55 am.

This allows adequate time for you and your group to exit the bay in a timely manner and assure the group behind you can start on time. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this policy, as it will insure an on-time start for your reserved time.

Local Rules

  • Please use a brand-new golf ball. No scuff marks or balls with anything drawn by a sharpie will NOT be allowed. Sharpie’s will leave marks on our screens.
  • Do not wear white shoes. Our simulator may think your white shoes are another golf ball, no need to wear golf shoes. Gym shoes are preferred for our turf.
  • Odyssey 2-ball putters have been known to cause issues. See info about white shoes above.
  • Please use one of the tee’s provided. For safety reasons no wooden tees are allowed. If you need a different tee size, please ask.
  • Unlike other simulators, your PUTT does NOT need to hit the screen.
  • Our screen is 11 feet from the middle of the hitting area.
  • Please allow The Haven staff to set up your golf experience, there are many elements that get missed if you try to do it yourself. (Gimmie distance – Tee box etc.)